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Prepare and e-file your taxes from any device

Well, it’s that time of year again, tax season. Tax Day falls on April 15.When it comes to filing your taxes, you have plenty of options. You could hire an accountant, or go to a tax preparation place. Some might decide to go it alone with a stack of IRS forms and their favorite pen.However, there is a better way: file your taxes electronically with tax preparation software and services online. Here’s a trusted tax prep service and the best part is if you’re filing a simple return, it’s completely free.We’re talking about TaxSlayer.TaxSlayer offers tax software and products to prepare and e-file your tax return online. As we said, its Simply Free plan doesn’t cost you a penny, and it includes your state filing as well.The service allows you to prepare and e-file your taxes from any gadget. That includes your laptop, tablet or mobile device.Here are some of TaxSlayer’s features:
  • Guaranteed maximum refund – TaxSlayer guarantees that you will receive the maximum refund you are entitled to or it will refund you the applicable TaxSlayer purchase price paid.
  • Zero out of pocket fees – You’re offered the option to deduct your TaxSlayer filing fees (if you have any) directly from your federal tax refund.
  • 100 percent accuracy guarantee – TaxSlayer guarantees 100 percent accurate calculations or it will reimburse you any federal and/or state penalties and interest charges.
The site offers four different filing products to choose from, depending on your filing status. The rates run from free up to $57 dollars. Here are the four options:
  1. Simply Free – There is no cost to use this product and it’s intended for those filing a simple return. It includes your state filing.
  2. Classic – This costs $17 to file your federal taxes and covers all major forms and W-2 import. It’s $29 to file a state return.
  3. Premium – This is $37 and comes with live chat support and audit assistance. It costs an additional $29 to file a state return.
  4. Self-employed – This option costs $47 to file a federal return and is best for self-employed and freelancers. It costs an additional $29 to file a state return.
  5. Ultimate – This option costs $57 to file a federal return and comes with identity theft protection. It costs an additional $29 to file a state return.
To get started with TaxSlayer, click the link inside the blue box below.
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