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Podcast You’ll Love: ‘Caliphate’ is an unblinking look at ISIS

Podcasts are really delivering lately. You can hear up-to-the-minute news, great investigative reporting, the latest sports, entertainment — podcasting these days really runs the gamut.

One genre that seems to be taking off is news and crime. These podcasts deliver real-life situations with great analysis and compelling stories.

One of the most compelling lately is The New York Times’ look at the war on terror, called “Caliphate.” This podcast follows Rukmini Callimachi, a reporter who covers terrorism for the Times. In this series, she explores ISIS and the war on terror, asking the question, “Who is it that we’re really fighting?”


In one episode, Callimachi finds out who joins ISIS and why by talking to a former member. Elsewhere, she finds a trove of secret documents after the fall of Mosul, leading to the mother of an ISIS official.

Callimachi also speaks to an ISIS detainee who challenges her to find the girl he enslaved. She does.

This 10-episode podcast is tough to listen to, but is worth it. The stories told are being talked about all over.

Warning: This podcast includes disturbing language and graphic violence.

Check out The New York Times’ riveting podcast “Caliphate.”

Looking for more terrific podcasts? Here’s one of my favorites:

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