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Organize your scattered online to-do lists

With your busy life, you have to stay organized. So, you write yourself notes, to-do lists, and you might even record reminders for yourself.

You scratch off one task at a time, or multiple tasks at a time. Slowly but surely, a day that starts off feeling overwhelming settles into a manageable to-do list for tomorrow.

That is why apps like Evernote and OneNote are so useful. These computer programs help you to stay organized, so you can see in one place all the tasks you need to tackle at work, and the chores you need to get done at home.

So, having two of these tools defeats their purpose. Why have notes scattered over multiple programs when you can keep them in one spot?

Fortunately, if you use both Evernote and OneNote, you can now move your Evernote tasks to OneNote with Stefan’s Tools. That way, your whole life’s to-do list is right in front of you.

If you type in notes at a meeting, it’s there. If you take a picture of a neighbor’s yard, it’s there when you’re in your garden. If you record a reminder while you’re driving, you can listen to it later.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Scroll down to Evernote2OneNote >> click on blue download link in the far right column. Click on the most recently modified .zip file. When the download is complete, open the .zip file >> open the Evernote2OneNote application.

Note: You must have both Evernote and OneNote installed on your computer. If you’re using Windows 10, OneNote is already installed. (If you don’t have it, click on the OneNote link in blue above). App background

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