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Organize your photos with this free download

Digital camera technology has progressed so far and become so accessible that people are taking many more photos than they once did. According to info trends, people around the world were projected to take 1.2 trillion photos in 2017. That’s a lot of photos!

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It may feel sometimes like you have 1.2 trillion photos stored on your own smartphone or hard drive. If you want to take control of your personal images there are many ways to store and organize your digital photo library. One way to keep track of your many pictures is through an app called digiKam.

About digiKam

The digiKam app is an open-source tool for your computer that allows you to upload raw images from your digital camera or smartphone. It runs on several operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

With digiKam you can upload images, pictures, and even videos from your camera, smartphone, or other storage devices. You can then organize your photos any way you choose, using standard filing features like albums, files, and collections.


One of the outstanding features of digiKam is that it enables tagging and labeling so that you can search for images throughout your collections and folders. You can search by tag, label, rating, location, or metadata across multiple folders.

In addition to managing your images, digiKam also lets you edit your pictures and assign comments and tags to raw files. Standard editing features include cropping, sharpening, and color correction, in addition to some more advanced tools and available plugins.

One of the special editing tools available on the application is a light table function. This feature allows you to create the highest quality images possible by allowing you to drag a file onto the lightbox and focus on the details you want to edit. With the lightbox, you can achieve specific creative results, rather than being limited to applying an editing tool to the whole image.

Once you upload, edit, and file your images you can easily transfer them to many file sharing sites. It also has tools specifically designed to export photos to multiple sharing platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest.

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How to Download digiKam

Here’s how to download the digiKam app onto your PC or Mac:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue Download button
  3. On the download page, select the appropriate operating system (Linux, Windows, or Mac)
  4. Click the link below your OS
  5. The download page will give you several download options. We recommend the link which reads “Download file from preferred mirror
  6. Run and save the file to you computer

Now you are ready to store, edit, manage, and access all the images in your library with just a click! This app has many features and the more you use it the more familiar you will become, so spend some time learning and experimenting with its tools. Photo management problems, solved!

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