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Optimize your PC for maximum hard drive performance

You may have noticed that the more files and programs you have in your computer, the slower it gets. In time, you might even think your old PC is on its last legs.Well, don’t give up hope on it yet. It probably just needs a little bit of “digital housekeeping.” One tried and tested way of boosting an old computer’s performance is “defragging.”Defragging (short for defragmentation) your hard drive rearranges the location of your files and moves them to closer clusters. This results in speedier access times and faster loading performance.Windows has its own built-in defragging software but we found a better and faster third-party solution.

iObit Smart Defrag 5

iObit’s Smart Defrag 5 is a free tool that performs an efficient multi-threaded defragmentation method for optimizing both hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). It promises faster data access, better disk performance and a more stable system overall.It promises faster data access, better disk performance and a more stable system overall.Aside from the standard full disk defrag, Smart Defrag also has other modes designed for specific types of data.There’s a Boot Time Defrag mode that easily defrags particular system boot files that normally can’t be moved while Windows is running. This mode can schedule the defrag process during the boot process and allows you to specify which desired boot files.Windows App mode specifically targets apps installed from the Microsoft Store. Windows 8.1 and 10 apps reside in a specific system directory by default and Smart Defrag’s Windows App mode will optimize this app folder for better performance.If you don’t have time for a full disk defrag, you can optimize specific files and folders instead. There’s even a Game Optimize mode that defrags game installation directories in your computer.A bonus mode is Disk Cleanup. This mode can delete unused temporary Windows files to reduce clutter and free up space.Overall, we’re impressed with the speed, reliability, efficiency and safety of iObit’s Smart Defrag 5. It is a well thought out defragmentation program and is arguably the best one out there right now.

Download and install instructions

To download iObit Smart Defrag, click on the blue download link below. This will take you straight to its download page.Take note that the installer comes with options to install bundled software. Make sure you review each install panel carefully and uncheck the “Yes” boxes if you don’t want to install other programs besides Smart Defrag 5.iObit Smart Defrag supports Windows XP, Vista, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
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