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Now you can change the plot while watching your favorite shows

Enjoying our favorite television series has become easier than ever with on-demand services like HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix. Using these convenient applications we can easily binge-watch an entire series, or watch an episode at a time at our own pace. No more flipping through the TV guide to learn when the next episode of your favorite series will air.With the implementation of several technologies like streaming and smartphones, our options continue to expand on how we enjoy our favorite shows. Online chat rooms where people speculate and comment on shows live are popular.There are even apps and games where you can play side stories as your favorite characters. Some shows even feature live voting mechanics that can forcibly promote or eject characters from the series based on audience interaction.The new app created for Steven Soderbergh’s HBO series may change the way we watch television.

New App that may revolutionize TV

With the new Murder Mystery series coming out on HBO, users can interact with a phone app to decide which of the characters’ perspectives they would like to see next. Some of them are short 10 to 15-minute segments, others can appear as entire 30 to 45-minute long episodes.The new Mosaic app presents a novel approach to on-demand streaming television that is reminiscent of the “choose your own adventure” series of books. The story plot will remain the same overall, but depending on your choices you can spend more time visiting the story from the unique perspectives of its many characters.For now, the app is only available for iOS.The series will launch on HBO on January 22, 2018. Make sure you get the app and give this new take on murder mystery a “shot.”

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