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All the best free utility programs for Windows in one place

There are countless applications out there you can download, so it’s easy to miss out on useful programs. Many free apps can and would make your computing life easier if you only knew about them. Luckily, we’ve got a solution to this problem. This site is a one-stop-shop for useful, free Windows utility programs and we’ve gone ahead and found a bunch of must-have apps on the site!

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From seeing if somebody is using your computer without your permission to monitoring Bluetooth activity nearby to better ways to uninstall apps and more, has a fantastic collection of freeware you can download right now for free. Read on to see the site’s greatest hits and discover what you can do with these utility programs!

1. MyLastSearch

Do you think someone may have used your computer without your permission? Whether you’re at home or the office, this can be a major cause for concern. NirSoft’s MyLastSearch aims to help you get to the bottom of things.

This simple utility scans cache and history files of web browsers. It locates all search queries from sites like Google and Yahoo and popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can find out exactly what anyone who has used your computer has searched for, assuming they haven’t cleared the browsing history.

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2. Wireless Network Watcher

If you’re at home, chances are you’re connected to your own Wi-Fi network. But who else is connected to your Wi-Fi? NirSoft’s Wireless Network Watcher application can answer this question. This simple utility will scan your wireless network and display a list of every device that’s currently connected.

3. WebBrowserPassView

Have you ever saved a password to your browser when you logged into an account? Do you have trouble remembering that password? NirSoft’s WebBrowserPassView may be the application for you. This utility reveals all passwords stored by Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

4. DownTester

Ever notice your internet is slower than usual? Want to check to see if that’s actually the case or if your mind’s playing tricks on you? NirSoft’s DownTester can do just that: This utility allows you to quickly and easily test your download speed in locations all around the world.

5. SiteShoter

Taking screenshots isn’t hard, but it can be a little inefficient. If you ever need a quick shot of a webpage, NirSoft’s SiteShoter has you covered. This utility allows you to input a web page and the app will automatically open your browser to the desired page, take a screenshot and save the image.

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6. BluetoothView

It’s more than a little easy to forget about what Bluetooth devices you have connected to your PC. NirSoft’s BluetoothView lets you keep track of all your Bluetooth devices easily. This utility runs in the background and monitors all connected Bluetooth devices and lists all their relevant identifying information.

7. UninstallView

The default uninstallation utility for Windows 10 isn’t the greatest, but NirSoft’s UninstallView seeks to provide a better, free alternative. This utility displays all installed programs, registry names, versions, install date, and install location and provides easy access to program uninstallation.

8. Volumouse

We all need to quickly turn down the volume on our computers from time to time, so wouldn’t it be great if you could do this with just a spin of your mouse? NirSoft’s Volumouse lets you do just that: This utility gives you volume control with your mouse wheel, and you can customize this, requiring, for example, you to hold down a key to activate mouse wheel volume control.

9. TimeZonesView

Have friends in other time zones? Do business with an international team? If that’s you, you probably need to keep careful track of time zones. NirSoft’s TimeZonesView is a simple utility that lets you see time zones across the world, what time it is in different places and Daylight Saving information for each location.

10. WhatInStartup

Feel like your computer takes forever to boot up? You may have far too many programs set to start with your computer. NirSoft’s WhatInStartup utility lets you see all of the applications loaded on startup and lets you easily stop unwanted programs from starting with your computer, shaving valuable time off your boot.

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