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Must-have app for serious photographers

The better our phones get at taking pictures, the more all of us feel like professional photographers. And if we don’t feel like professionals, we’d at least like to snap some pictures that would elicit some oohs and ahhs.While not on the same level as the kind of cameras professionals use — even the best smartphone doesn’t measure up to a nice DSLR — there is nothing stopping people from taking the phone out and capturing some gems.Of course, even the best photographers would admit that some editing goes into their prized shots. When thinking about that, our minds usually turn to expensive software on computers, but it turns out you can get some amazing editing capabilities right on your phone.

Edit like a professional

There’s an app called Snapseed, which bills itself as “a complete and professional photo editor” that was developed by Google. In reality, it has so many features that you probably won’t know what to do with most of them.Have you ever played around with a photo editing app or program on a computer? If so, some of what Snapseed offers — like the ability to edit details, crop, rotate, white balance, curves, lens blur, image tuning and glamour glow — will look familiar.Snapseed provides tips and tricks to help if you are not sure of what to do, with all styles able to be tweaked to fit whatever you are looking for.In all there are 29 different tools and filters to toy around with. That could of course get confusing, which is why Snapseed allows you to save your personal looks so that they can be applied to new photos at a different date.Snapseed allows you to open both JPG and RAW files, giving everyone from the amateur to pro the chance to refine their work. It is also available for free for both iOS and Android, which has helped to make it one of the most downloaded and used photography apps around.

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