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Popular to-do app shutting down soon – try these alternatives

It’s really been a long time coming, but it’s still sad to say Microsoft is officially shutting down one of its free, cloud-based services.

Though it was a great organizational tool for both individual use and group collaborations, the company feels it’s time to retire the program. Fortunately, there are great free alternatives out there that offer similar features.

By removing this one program from their lineup, Microsoft computers will now have one less program to clutter your PC. Tap or click here to learn how to keep your computer organized. We’ll tell you all about the program that’s disappearing as well as offer a few free alternatives.


If you love Wunderlist, be prepared to say, “goodbye” forever on May 6, 2020.

Wunderlist is a great service that works on Apple and Microsoft devices, as well as desktops. It allows users to create and assign tasks, plan out their weeks and record when tasks are completed. It’s a great organizational tool and we’re sorry to be losing it.

But times are changing and there are other apps and programs that can take its place. We’ll tell you all about our favorites.

For the minimalists and/or the techies

If you like your to-do lists simple, but want the ease of digitally keeping track of your tasks (instead of a boring notebook and pen), we recommend Todo.txt.

Todo.txt can work on basically any device, from computers with different operating systems to phones and tablets — and even inside coding languages. The app connects to Dropbox to allow you to edit your one, ever-changing to do list on your devices and connect them so they’re always up to date.

Since Todo.txt can be added to and edited in Command Line, and in coding languages like Python, as well as in web browsers, we particularly recommend it if you spend a lot of time on your desktop computer.

Of course, you can also access the app on your smartphone. Having the list accessible on mobile devices helps keep on top of things those times you’re out and about, and need to remember if you need milk or toilet paper.

Todo.txt is incredibly simple to use. Just type in your task, give it a location if necessary and a category like “Family,” “Health,” “Work” or another of your own creation. You also can input the priority of an item, marking really important things that need to get done as “A,” less important items as “B” and so on.

For those who just want one consistent place to write down what they have to do, but would prefer to type it so it’s easier to edit, Todo.txt is the organizational app for you. It’s also great for those who like to code.

For the forgetful

If you’re someone who longs to be more organized but you constantly forget where you put your lists, you should start using This app syncs across all of your devices, from your phone and tablet to your computer, smartwatch and even your Echo and Google Home devices.

With your lists available in so many places, and able to be hooked up to your Google, phone and Outlook calendars, you won’t forget where or what’s on your to-do list ever again.

Lists on can send you notifications on particular days and times, or when you’re at specific geographic locations so you don’t forget a deadline or to pick things up from nearby stores.

Lists can also be shared with other people. This is ideal for families or roommates because anyone can check off items they’ve purchased or tasks they’ve completed and everyone can see the updates. Tap or click here for another way to organize your scattered to-do lists.

You can make individual lists on so you can distinguish between home and work tasks, and view “All Tasks” to see everything you have due on a particular day across all lists. Tasks can also be given subtasks, so one big project can be broken up into smaller chunks, all under one convenient heading.

To really start planning out your days without ever losing track of your to-do lists ever again, is the app for you.

For those who organize for fun

If you feel to-do lists and organizational apps are boring but necessary, you need to start using Habitica.

Habitica is an organizational tool you can use in your web browser or on your phone or tablet as an app that lets you type in daily tasks and long term goals. Oh, and it turns your to-do list into a video game.

You start Habitica by making an avatar version of yourself that appears in the app and browser versions. This avatar has a level and certain abilities available that you can improve by completing tasks from your list.

When you mark a task you’ve created as “complete,” you get experience points and in-game gold currency. Daily tasks like “make a healthy meal,” and “read for one hour” get you fewer points than larger to-dos, but you’re motivated to get points, which helps you finish tasks.

As you gain experience points, you level up and your character. Leveling up also gives your avatar new abilities and new quests to play with. You can use the gold you accumulate alongside the experience points to buy cool equipment for your character and even some custom rewards.

Habitica offers a group to-do list, which is perfect for group projects or for shared chores. Habitica gives you a private task board and chat area, along with the ability to request or assign tasks to group members.

The group version is also a game, and it just costs $9 per month and $3 per member, while Habitica for just one user with their own to-do list is free.

Each of these apps are great alternatives to Wunderlist, and they’ll help keep you organized. Tap or click here for even more apps that are good for staying organized. So start planning out your days and stay on top of things starting today!

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