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Make your own free ringtones

Forget boring vibrations and annoying jingles! It’s actually really easy to create your own custom ringtones.MuseTips has a download for Windows computers that’s a free ringtone maker. This software has three simple steps.First, you need to choose a song from your computer. Click the “Choose a Song from My Computer” button and then pick your favorite jam from your iTunes/Google Play Music account or Windows Media Player application.

If you don’t have any music saved on your computer, then you can buy individual songs from the iTunes store, the Google Play store, or Once you buy music from these services, it’s downloaded to your computer.

Each of these companies also has music services with free trials for new members. Apple Music is free for the first three months. Google Play Music is free the first two months. Amazon Music Unlimited is free for the first month.

*You can also legally download thousands of free songs from Amazon.*

Next, you need to trim the song down to your favorite part. Listen to your song and decide what part of the music should be your ringtone. Use the sliders on the audio track to change the intro and outro points. You can add fade-in and fade-out effects to create a good transition. Just press the play button to listen to your edits.Finally, download your new ringtone. Click the “Save Ringtone to My Computer” button and then choose where you want the file to be stored on your machine. Once it’s saved, you can click the “Locate in Windows Explorer” button and the software will show you where it’s saved. Click “Make a New Ringtone” if you want to create another personalized ringtone. Since it’s free, you could make several and then rotate through them to keep things interesting!To try MuseTips’ Free Ringtone Maker, click here or click the blue button below. Be sure to select the green download button in the top right-hand corner and not one of the download links that are a part of a different ad. See the picture below for an example

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