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Great news! You have a new way to listen to my show

There’s a reason Kim’s company is called WestStar Multimedia Entertainment — we are everywhere — radio, TV, web and print — and we’ve just added one more way you can access content from The Kim Komando Show.

You won’t need a radio, computer, TV or newspaper for what we’re talking about; all you need is an Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker.

Alexa, play The Kim Komando Show

Make sure your smart speaker is powered on and say, “Alexa, play The Kim Komando Show.”

Alexa will ask if you want to subscribe through your Amazon account. If you say yes, she’ll give you the price — $2.99 per month, and you may cancel at any time. Say yes, and she’ll charge your Amazon account.

New episodes are available every Saturday morning. Tell Alexa to play The Kim Komando Show, and she’ll play the most recent episode.

You can tell Alexa to play the prior week’s episode by saying, “Alexa, play the next episode.” Alexa will allow you to listen to the last two months of episodes right on your smart speaker.

While listening, you can say, “Alexa pause” to pause and then, “Alexa play” to resume listening. When you’re done listening just say, “Alexa Stop” and she will stop playing the show.

In this video, Kim tries out the app herself. You can see how easy it is to subscribe and start listening!

Other ways to listen to or watch Kim’s show

Find your local radio station that plays The Kim Komando Show. Kim’s three-hour weekend consumer tech show airs on more than 400 stations around the country, including the Armed Forces Network.

Lucky members of Kim’s Club (soon to be Komando Community) can watch her record the show live and get to see behind-the-scenes moments with Kim and her team; they can also stream the show on demand any time they want. Become a member of Kim’s Club now.

A one-hour version of The Kim Komando Show airs on Bloomberg TV every Saturday, and if you miss it on Bloomberg TV, you can always catch it the Monday after on Kim’s YouTube channel.

The Alexa subscription is not a part of a Kim’s Club or Komando Community membership.

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