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Download thousands of free songs legally

There are so many reasons to love the internet. One of my favorite things is the ability to stream music from numerous services.

You can literally stream millions of songs from countless artists. Most music streaming services charge a monthly fee of around $10.

But did you know that you can legally download thousands of songs for free? It’s true.

Find free music at Amazon

One of the best places to find new songs and old favorites for free is Amazon Music. There are nearly 50,000 free songs available for download.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get even more. Members can stream 1 million songs for free.

You’ll find songs from both new and vintage albums. They range from classical to pop, from Luciano Pavarotti to Blondie. It’s easy to search for specific songs, artists or albums, or you can just browse the list.

There’s something for everyone. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to see if your favorites are included for free.

If you’re in more of an exploring mood, use the categories on the left side of the page. You can sort the songs by genre or separate them by artist.

Download instructions

To download free songs, navigate to the Amazon free music page by using my links below inside the blue boxes.

You can sample a track before you download by clicking the little black play button on the left of the title. Then, download the song by clicking the yellow “Free” button on the right.

You’ll need to be signed in with a free Amazon account in order to download any song. Continue by clicking the yellow “Place Your Order” button on the right side of the screen.

Once your free song is added to your account, you’ll be taken to the download screen. From there, you can click on the gray “Download purchases” button to save the song to your computer. Or, you can click the yellow “Play Now” button to listen to the song right in your web browser.

If you choose to play it right away, Amazon will open a new window with Amazon Cloud Player and stream your song from the cloud. When you’ve downloaded more songs, you can view them all on the Cloud Player page using the categories on the left side of the screen.

You can view your free downloads by sorting either Recently Added, song, album, artist or genre. And as always, Amazon encourages you to look around some more with the “Continue Shopping” button. But don’t forget to take a few minutes to enjoy your new music.

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