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Know which programs you can safely delete from your PC

Computers get cluttered and messy just like your car or house. In a car, junk in the engine can kill your gas mileage — the same goes for computers.

One source of clutter on your computer is unneeded programs. Even worse, some programs seem to take over your computer.

These programs hog energy and memory, bug you with dialog boxes or pester you with ads. There’s only one thing to do — get rid of them.

Getting rid of unwanted programs helps, but you can run into all kinds of trouble if you accidentally delete a file that’s essential for your operating system.

Aside from the obvious operating system files, how do you know which programs you should remove? Don’t worry, I do, and I have the perfect program to help you decide.

Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It? is a free program that’s as simple as downloading it and running it. Should I Remove It? will scan your computer and make a list of the installed applications and programs.

Each program will have a status bar ranging from green to red. But be careful! This doesn’t automatically mean you must remove the program if it’s yellow or red, or that you should keep it if it’s green.

Should I Remove It? only tells you what percentage of users opted to get rid of the program or keep it. If a program appears red, it means that most people found it annoying or not useful and decided to erase it.

But it could be a helpful tool when you decide whether you’re going to keep a program. Plus, Should I Remove It? includes detailed info on a program’s uses and functions.

Perhaps best of all, you can remove most programs from within Should I Remove It? with just a few clicks. If there isn’t any easy way, you’ll see step-by-step instructions to remove them manually.

To uninstall a program, simply click on a program and select “Uninstall.” Or, you can click the “What is it?” button to find out more about it before erasing it from your computer.

Download instructions

  1. To download the program, navigate to the Should I Remove It? home page. In the top right corner of the home page is a blue button that says “Download, It’s 100% Free.” You can also click on the large blue button in the center of the page labeled “Download (FREE!) Clean and remove unwanted PC programs. Small, light, and simple.”
  2. You will be redirected to the download page. There will be two more blue buttons that say “Download Should I Remove It?” You may click either of these blue buttons to start your download. There are ads located on the Should I Remove It? download page; if you click on something other than the blue download buttons, you are most likely clicking on an ad or installing software that can bog down your computer.
  3. Once the download is complete, open and run the installation file. Be sure to read the License Agreement before you agree to install. Remember, always read the fine print before you install anything on your computer!

I recommend using the default installation settings. There are no bloatware programs or add-on programs to avoid. Should I Remove It? will launch after installation, and you can always find it again through a desktop shortcut or the Start Menu.

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