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Speed up your PC by eliminating stubborn programs and plug-ins

Have you ever wondered why your PC slows down so much after a year or two? Programs that can’t be removed, are unused, or left over from uninstalled programs that accumulate in the memory are usually to blame.You may even have programs running in the background you never meant to install! These can include browser plug-ins, extra toolbars and even pre-installed Windows 10 apps that you have no use for.There are many stubborn programs that are hard to uninstall or don’t uninstall completely. We found a free tool that will completely delete these from your PC.

Clean out unwanted programs and plug-ins

IObit Uninstaller 8 will get your PC cleaned up and racing along again. The program even puts your basic Windows Tools all in one place.IObit Uninstaller tackles programs that you don’t want, can’t be deleted the conventional way or programs that are bundled with others you want to keep. You can remove programs quickly by clicking or tapping the trash icon in IObit Uninstaller.The program also will list all your toolbars and marks which ones may be malicious. That makes picking the right ones to delete easy.Another problem with uninstalling programs is the junk they leave behind. Regular uninstallation sometimes leaves behind old folders and pieces of program everywhere. Uninstaller 8 deletes all those leftovers easily.IObit Uninstaller has been around for awhile, and has some new wrinkles for version 8.Now, it has a larger database that will remove three times the stubborn programs and more malicious plug-ins. It makes it easier to remove Windows apps, and will quickly uninstall programs three different ways.IObit Uninstaller is also available in a Pro edition for $19.99. It’s available at this link.
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