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How to keep your browser tabs from taking over

We’ve all been there. You’re browsing the internet for something specific, but you keep finding so many other awesome things. Before you know it, your browser is absolutely filled with more tabs than you could ever possibly know what to do with.

And considering how many you have open at once, your internet performance could suffer as a result. How do you tackle this issue? You have to start getting organized, of course! Luckily for the tab addicts out there, there are plenty of ways to solve this frustrating problem.

For Chrome users, there’s one simple option that means you don’t even have to close all of your beloved websites. Google’s proprietary browser actually has a useful new feature that will totally change the way you browse the internet and organize your tabs. If you use other browsers, there’s still plenty of ways to keep your window streamlined.

Chrome’s tab-grouping feature makes browsing less confusing

Chrome’s new tab-grouping feature comes with the latest version of the browser (named Canary), and it will let you organize them into one (or multiple) so your browser looks tidy enough, while still retaining all the tabs you were browsing. You can even create new groups of your own, and organize them as if they were bookmarks.

You can give them all unique names, colors and descriptors so you can tell them apart. It’s almost like solving the problem by sorting all your tabs and closing them, but you don’t have to miss out on all those pages you have open simultaneously!

Options for other browsers

If you’re not a big Chrome user and prefer Firefox, you may not have realized this, but Firefox 64’s launch in December 2018 brought multiple tab organization with it as well. Similar to the options that Chrome offers, you can use it to make groups of tabs that make more sense than just leaving windows open willy-nilly.

You can shift-click or control-click multiple tabs open in your tab bar and organize them to your liking. You can mute them, move them around, and bookmark them from there. Easy-peasy!

There are similar options in Safari, where you can pin, merge, or group tabs together as well right inside the browser. Surprisingly, Microsoft Edge also offers a “set tabs aside” option, as well as a way to group tabs you aren’t using at the moment.

This means you have options with just about every browser you use – and if keeping tons of tabs open at a time is a pretty big issue for you, you might want to consider swapping to a different option with more robust grouping options.

If you’re concerned about saving the sites you continue leaving open with the tabs on your browser, simply consider doing a bit of bookmark housekeeping. You can save every single one of your tabs without having to worry about losing your “spot” online, and most browsers will let you save the entire set of grouped tabs.

The bottom line is, there are organizational options out there when it comes to wrangling those tabs you love using so well. You’ve just got to be proactive about using them. This has been a public service announcement – take control of those tabs, and never get buried in them again. You can do this! We believe in you.

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