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How technology is reshaping the way you buy a home

Are you in the market for a home? The days of driving through neighborhoods and looking for sale signs or even looking through the newspaper for home sale ads are over.

The days of calling a real estate agent before doing any research are over, too. Now, you can go online and take virtual tours of homes and research communities on Facebook before even meeting with an agent.

How technology is changing the home buying process

Yes, you might still need a real estate agent to do all the paperwork unless you’re savvy enough to do it yourself. You still need to have an appraisal and inspection done. None of that has changed.

But what has changed is the way you might initially find a home you like or maybe find a real estate agent you want to work with.

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“Social media is turning out to be a great way for real estate agents to generate leads but it’s not good by itself,” said agent Carl Perera with My Home Group, the REVISTO real estate team.

“Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all a funnel to get potential clients in front of your face. The more they think they can connect with you over social media, it’s that much easier to get that face-to-face appointment.”

Believe it or not, making phone calls is not obsolete. Perera still calls clients.

“I’ll get their information through Facebook and then those people go into my follow-up list. Then I’ll throw in some phone calls,” Perera said. “And I find through video messages and text messages sometimes they’ll reply, but once I get them on the phone they’ll be very responsive.”

Perera also posts Instagram pictures and shares those through Twitter. He said the bottom line is to have a daily social media plan.

How millennials like to buy homes

One group of home buyers that likes looking for homes through social media is millennials.

“Now with a big demographic with millennial buyers, they want to see that online presence especially if they Google you,” explained Perera. “They want to see some reviews. So you’re pretty much eradicating that demographic if you’re not on social media and don’t have that online presence.” 

Open houses are a more traditional way of attracting clients. But combined with social media, it’s an even better tool for agents to find potential home buyers than it used to be. Facebook Live is becoming more popular for agents to do for open houses and can help you decide if it’s a house you want to look at or not.

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“Anytime I do a video for an open house, we’ll throw it up on YouTube because it ranks pretty high on Google, anything that’s posted on YouTube and Facebook,” added Perera. 

Paying for ads to promote open houses does even better.

When you finally find that perfect home, it’s time for all the paperwork. But even that has gotten more simplified due to technology with DocuSign. It only takes about 10 minutes to sign an offer these days.

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