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5 health apps you never knew existed

Many of us resolve to work out more often or eat healthier when the new year rolls around. Really, you can adopt healthier habits at any time, but the new year offers a “clean slate,” so it feels like an appropriate time to start on a “new you.”

Of course, resolutions can be hard to keep — particularly ones that change your lifestyle. What’s worse is as time passes, you lose motivation. But don’t give up! Instead, use a few health apps to keep you accountable and motivated. For more inspiration, tap or click for morning habits of successful people.

We have five apps you may not have heard of, but we highly recommend them to build good habits. Check out our list and download your favorites so this year you can be healthier and happier.

To get into a routine…

Habit is a daily tracking app that lets you input daily or long-term goals. It gives you updates on how well you’re progressing and how close you are to achieving your goal(s).

For health habits, you can list workout or walking goals, and the app can be used for non-health habits as well. Set any kind of goal, whether it’s how often you meditate or take time to read every day.

Habit lets you set reminders for tasks you want to do at particular times, like a morning run. After your task, simply record your progress in the app and view a calculation of your progress. You can even see a graph of your progress over periods of time.

Sorry Android users, Habit is only available only for iOS, but there are similar apps for Android.

If you have glasses and want to take care of your eyesight…

Liingo is an app that can scan your glasses via your phone’s camera, and let you know what your current prescription is. This is especially helpful if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the eye doctor, and you’ve forgotten what your prescription is.

Once you know that information, Liingo can help you buy new glasses. So it’s an app you should use if you’re on the market for a new pair, or if you want to remind yourself of your information.

Note: You need a valid prescription to use the app.  

For when you’re feeling lonely…

Don’t neglect your mental health. Get through lonely or dark moments with Wysa, a chatbot app. Wysa is designed to help you in stressful, anxious or depressing moments. You can talk about how you’re feeling and receive helpful messages.

Wysa uses AI to react to the emotions you express to the app, and daily use of it can help improve your experience. It also gives you daily meditations and treatments to try.

Note: Wysa is not a substitute for professional therapy, but it can be a very helpful aid for personal therapy, and it can offer some free assistance while you figure out how to best proceed.

Take care of your mental health, and have some helpful conversations by downloading Wysa.

For the health of your community…


Use your phone to help cancer researchers with DreamLab. DreamLab was developed by the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with Imperial College London, and has won many awards. It allows scientists and doctors to utilize idle smartphones to calculate and process data for cancer research.

The app allows users to decide which projects they want to support and how much data they want researchers to access. Users can also decide whether that data will be processed over Wi-Fi or data plans.

While a phone with DreamLab is charging, it will download problems from the cloud to calculate, and send the results back to the research team, allowing them to use phones with the app as a giant, interconnected super computer.

DreamLab can’t access your personal information, or send it to researchers — it can only use your phone to do simple calculations and send that information back to labs. Tap or click here for health apps that do harvest data from you.

You can use the app to see how much help you’ve given cancer researchers. So look out for your community by downloading DreamLab.

To make sure you stay hydrated…

Another common health resolution is to drink more water. Keep yourself hydrated by tracking your water consumption with Waterlogged.

In addition to keeping you alive, drinking water keeps your skin clear, helps you feel and get better if you’re sick, boosts your immune system and even puts you in a good mood. It makes sense to want to drink it more often, and Waterlogged helps you do just that.

The app sends you reminders to drink water throughout the day and provides you personalized charts on your hydration so you can track your progress. Tap or click here to see if you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Set up a personal water drinking goal, and input your water intake by selecting the size glass or bottle you drank from. Save your favorite cup sizes, so you can access them quickly and easily the next time you use the app.

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