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Do you remember the year? This simple browser game is a fun history test

In olden times you’d have to buy a videogame console to have some fun playing games at home. Nowadays, you can find many games online without needing to purchase anything. Tap or click here for six games to play with your friends and grandkids online.

But you might want to use your brain more than Mario Kart requires. Are you a history buff looking to flex? We’ve got just the browser game for you.

User davjhan’s Guess the Year game is our latest obsession. The premise is simple: you’re given a historical event between 1900 and 2021 and asked to guess the year it happened. Keep reading for details on this addictive game.

Test your knowledge of history with this awesome game

Guess the Year is a fun, free game that people of all ages can enjoy. First, visit the site. Hit the Start game button to begin.

The controls and UI are pretty straightforward. You’ll be given an event (the invention of the Teddy Bear, to name one of our favorites), and you’ll use a slider to choose the year you think it happened.

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You’ve got 100 lives, and you’ll lose a corresponding number for each year that your guess is off. Your goal is to score as many points as possible, and every correct answer will earn you one. 

It’s a nail-biter, as the stakes are extraordinarily high. You can’t earn more lives, but if you can hold on, you can get pretty far.

If you’re anything like us, you’re hardly an expert on these categories. The game’s unique sense of humor only adds to the experience. Our first round earned us a score of three and a grade of Absolutely Terrible — their words, not ours. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We can’t get enough of this free browser game

This simple online game is intelligent, spunky and full of attitude. What’s not to love? Guess the Year is the ultimate deviation from the stuff you already know. Give it a shot and find out how far you will go.

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