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Great big list of must-have software for Windows 10

Here at, we always scour the web far and wide for absolutely useful software tools that can help you become more efficient, productive and computer frustration-free.

We curate this selection intensively and test and scrutinize each download carefully to make sure it’s safe and it’s free from nasty extras like bloatware and add-ons you won’t need. Needless to say, we use this selection of software tools ourselves!

To review our archive of Windows 10 software tools here’s a great big list of the must-have applications we have collected so far.

Productivity apps

Are you looking for software that will make you work more efficiently? Then try these free Windows 10 productivity software we found.

The excellent productivity suite Microsoft Essentials was a must-have bundled download for Windows 8.1 and 10 users. However, Microsoft stopped offering it and discontinued its support earlier this year. Fortunately, we found updated alternative apps that could replace the Essential Bundle – Microsoft Photos, Movie Moments and Open Live Writer.

Microsoft Word veterans looking for a Word alternative should feel right at home with the cloud-based Zoho Writer. It can even replace it for your basic word processing needs. Zoho even has a Microsoft Word plugin for tighter interoperability. Note: Writer is just one of Zoho’s excellent productivity tools. Click here to learn more about Zoho’s line of productivity software.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out among the pool of job applicants, a great resume is a must. Try these 50 effective resume downloads from FreeResumes. The attractive, eye-catching designs were crafted by professional graphic designers who make beautiful digital creations for a living, so you know they’re good.

Do you have a hard time keeping track of your household’s finances? Then this free personal accounting tool Homebank can help you out. This program can assist you with budgeting, planning and it comes with reporting tools to track where exactly your money is going and coming from.

Is your desktop a constant cluttered mess of open windows and tabs? AquaSnap may just be the lifesaver you’re looking for. This free tool goes beyond Window’s built-in multitasking features. You can quickly resize windows, stretch them into different shapes, and rearrange them, depending on what you need to do.

System tweaks

Computers have improved our lives in so many ways, there are too many to count. But one of the most obvious improvements is that we’re all a lot more productive than we were in the pre-computer age. Take this productivity a notch higher with these free system tweaks.

Do you want to teach your computer mouse new tricks? WizMouse is a handy and fun-to-use mouse modification tool that makes your life a little bit easier. Once it’s installed on your PC, you don’t have to close, open, click on, or minimize any open windows to use your mouse wheel. Just scroll more naturally from one window to the next, and your mouse wheel continues to work.

How about saving time and energy on repetitive tasks with AutoHotkey? This free tool lets you create your own hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts customized to help you work at light speed.


If keeping your PC running at tip-top shape is your thing, then don’t miss out on these free maintenance tools.

Need some space? Should I Remove It? is a free program that can help you decide which programs you can safely delete from your PC. It’s as simple as downloading the program and running it. Should I Remove It? will scan your computer and make a list of the installed applications and programs and removal recommendations. To remove bloatware and programs that slow down your Windows machine, try PC Decrapifier.

To quickly check how much space is available on your PC, try this nifty little program called GetFolderSize then optimize it with a smart defragging tool like iObit Smart Defrag 5.

How about fixing common Windows 10 problems with one click? WisePC 1st Aid is a free tool that can scan for and fix a variety of basic issues automatically. Additionally, if you find Windows 10’s default system restore cumbersome, you’ll appreciate Restore Point Creator. With this free program, you can create multiple System Restore points instantly without having to go through Windows’ tedious process.

More helpful tools

Here are other helpful Windows 10 tools you may find useful.

LicenseCrawler – this tool easily finds all the license keys for your installed software.

DoubleKiller – finds and removes duplicate files on your PC.

MasterSeeker – an incredibly fast way to search for your files.

There you have it. And this list is just the tip of the iceberg! Make sure you check out our Downloads section regularly for more great software.

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