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Grab these free Windows essential apps

Microsoft’s operating system comes with good, basic software that can you can use on your computer. For example, Windows 10 has the web browser Edge, a calculator, alarm clock, maps and other tools.

If you want it to do more than the basics, though, you can pay for Microsoft Office 365 and you can add third-party software, like photo editors, graphics programs, utilities, games, productivity software and much more. (Bonus: You can find many of those in the Downloads section.)

If you’ve been using a computer for a while, you probably knew that. What you might not know is that Microsoft has a lot of other software programs that you can get for free.

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Besides, these popular computer programs have stood the test of time. Meaning, millions of people just like you have worked out the bugs a long time ago. So, you can download any one of these programs, or all of them, to instantly boost your productivity.

Microsoft Photos

With Microsoft Photos, you can easily import your photos and videos from your camera or phone. You can edit your photos with a wide range of editing tools and create fun slideshows. Plus, click on the Share button to send it to family and friends with an email or message.

Click here to get the Microsoft Photos app for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 now.

Movie Moments

Do you need to tweak your videos to turn them into Facebook masterpieces? Movie Maker is an easy-to-use, free video-editing tool. You can import video files in a number of formats to clip them, cut them and splice them.

With this app, you can trim your videos, highlight key favorite moments and or spice them up by adding music. You can then share your creation to your friends and family straight from the app.

Click here to get this free movie editing app for Windows 8.1 and Window 10.

Open Live Writer

Microsoft’s old Essential Live Writer software has been converted to an open source download called Open Live Writer.

Publishing your own website, or a blog is a fun way to keep a journal about your life. Windows Writer gives you a nice desktop program that links up with blogging sites and content management systems, like WordPress.

You can create new posts with text, photos and videos. You can add maps and share your writing with the world. It also lets you archive old posts, in case something happens to your online service.

Click here to download the free Open Live Writer.

Update: If you’re looking for the old standalone Microsoft Essentials Software Bundle (Mail, Photos, Live Writer, OneDrive, Family Safety) it has been discontinued and is no longer supported. 

According to Microsoft, already installed applications will continue to work as they do today. There is an increased security risk associated with the use of unsupported products past their end of support date. We don’t recommend keeping old versions of these applications.

Mail, Photos, One Drive and Family Safety have all been converted to free built-in features for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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