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Google app finds what famous art you look like

Is your face a little more Picasso, or Van Gogh? How about a Michelangelo?This might be a bright spot in the never-ending vanity of selfies.There’s an app that’s offering a little bit of history, arts and culture. Think of it as your doppelgänger masterpiece.I’m talking about the Google Arts & Culture app.The app has a feature that’s trending all across the globe and promises to compare your selfie with a work of art. You can instantly see if your lookalike is hanging in a museum somewhere in the world.You might have already noticed the side-by-side pictures on your friends’ feeds, as this app is taking the internet by storm! Celebrities are even jumping in on the fun!While the app encourages you to take a selfie, you can also use photos of yourself and have some fun using photos of other people to see what pops up. People are already looking for matches to their favorite actors and athletes. Above, is actor Kumail Nanjiani from “The Big Sick.” And below, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (I thought this would’ve been a picture of a GOAT).The app hit the market in 2016, but the compare yourself to a work of art feature is new. It’s pretty simple to use.Simply download the app, then scroll down to the photo-matching game. Then, use the app to take a selfie and voilà, it gives you your art doppelgänger.There are plenty of other features that an appreciator of art is sure to love. One feature lets you take virtual tours of the most famous museums in the world and visit iconic landmarks.The app is available for free on both Android and Apple gadgets. To get started, click on the appropriate link that we’ve provided below inside the blue boxes.If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the blue boxes. If not, click here to see them.

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