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Get subtitles for your favorite movies and shows

Have you ever watched a movie for the third time and finally picked up on the details of what the character was really saying? How about those movies where the actors are speaking with a strong accent that you are unfamiliar with? It often takes a few viewings to truly grasp the meaning of their words.

Movie subtitles allow us to watch movies in different languages and dialects without missing a beat. When watching films on DVD or Blu-Ray, subtitles are as easy as a couple of clicks on the remote control. But with the rate at which consumers are choosing to download movies to other devices, there is now a need for digital subtitles to go along with them. But where do you find the subtitles you need?

Fortunately, the process is easier than expected. With a quick search and the click of a download button, you can have subtitles for your favorite movies and shows. There are a variety of websites out there providing these files, ensuring subtitle downloads for nearly anything. (PssT! Click here for more, simple ways to add subtitles to movies and TV shows.)

User-generated subtitle database

Subscene is a site that features an extensive database of subtitles for movies and TV shows. With users being the primary contributors, the selection is spectacular and available in a range of languages. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, you can even request the subtitles you need.

Subtitle with browser plugin

With OpenSubtitles, you get access to a large library subtitles for movies and TV series. Use the advanced search to quickly sift through the massive database and find exactly what you’re searching for by adding in episode numbers, a specific language, or a movie genre or release date. OpenSubtitles also offers the request feature if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Download with caution, as these files appear to be user-generated.

How to download subtitles

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to download and use subtitles for your digital film and TV show downloads. It’s a quick and simple process to get started. Of course, it all starts by visiting one of the subtitle databases available.

When you get there, use the search feature to locate the movie or TV show for which you need subtitles. Depending on the site you are on, you may be able to enter additional information in the search like the language, movie genre or a specific TV show episode.

Select the subtitle that best meets your search criteria from the list of results and download it. Because it will download as a ZIP file, you will then need to extract the file. If you’re using Windows, you can extract the file by double-clicking the ZIP folder and clicking extract at the top, then clicking extract all. Mac users can simply double-click the ZIP folder and wait for it to extract.

Once the file has been extracted, drag the SRT file onto your desktop. Locate the folder in which your movie is located on your computer, and drag the SRT file from your desktop into this folder. You are now ready to begin watching your movie with your new subtitles!

The exact process for turning on subtitles will vary depending on the media player you choose. Regardless of the player, there should be a setting within the menu allowing you to turn on subtitles and select the correct track to use.

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