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Travel packing app makes sure you don’t forget anything on your next trip

Can a smartphone app do what you wish your brain would do — remember everything you need for your trip, so you don’t realize midway through that you forgot sunscreen, toothpaste, shoes, your passport, and everything else? We found one tool that does that, as well as checks the local weather and helps you know what to pack based on where you are going and what you’ll do while you’re there.Before we get to the travel-packing app, let us tell you about a couple other resources that will help you plan your next vacation. On this post, 6 travel tips and hacks you’ve got to know before summer vacation, you will learn about Mobile Passport, Google Maps and Flights, and how travelers use Twitter to air customer complaints (and get amazing results). Use this post to explore 10 travel websites that save you boatloads of money and pick up travel gear before you go.As always, travel safe and make sure you don’t get hacked while you travel.

Travel app reminds you what to pack for vacation

The app is called PackPoint, and it is something every traveler should have on their device. Available for free on both iOS and Android, it is simple to use and incredibly helpful.All you need to do is enter in your destination, along with the date of travel, length of stay and whether or not you plan on doing laundry while away. You select boxes for what kind of activities you plan on taking part in, and the app takes over from there. Depending on your plans, it will suggest clothes, accessories like headphones, and reminders for the laptop power cord.If you’re already an uber-organized list-maker and vacation packer who forgets nothing, then the $2.99 fee may be better spent treating yourself to a latte at the airport, because you’re probably one of those people who’s always early for everything! For the rest of us, the three bucks might be worth it.

How PackPoint travel app works

The app comes with a database of activities, most of which are likely for any trip, like going to the gym, photography, hiking, cycling, running, fancy dinners and pretty much anything you can think of! Plus you can add personalized activities. Going to a place that has laundry facilities? Let the app know, and it will adjust clothing recommendations so you don’t pack as much.

After PackPoint helps create your packing list, you can then check each item off within the app to make sure nothing is forgotten. If you decide something on the recommended list is not necessary, you can just swipe it away in order to create your perfect packing plan. You can share the list with fellow travelers through the app or over email or text.

Some reviewers have complained that the items are hard to edit once you’ve entered them and you can’t reorder items on the lists, but it looks like the app developer fixed that with an April 2019 update.

To download the app, click the appropriate link below inside the blue boxes. If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the blue boxes. If not, click here to see them and get the app.

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