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Get free images for your Christmas needs

With the most wonderful time of the year come some holly jolly traditions, like Christmas cards, holiday parties, and of course buying and wrapping gifts. With many of these traditions come stationary, invitations, posters and wrapping paper. This holiday season, spice up these paper goods in your life by downloading free pictures from Freepik, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

Spice up your family Christmas letters by adding festive pictures, or a beautiful, Christmas-themed border. Get great pictures to use on your holiday party poster, or on invitations. Print them out to make gift tags or wrapping paper, or use them as easy decorations in your home. You can even just download a cheery image to use as your computer background to put you in the holiday spirit every time you look at it!

Each site has a slightly different process for downloading their free holiday pictures. Read on below to know how Freepik, Unsplash, and Pixabay each work, and start collecting pictures for all of your Christmas needs right now!

Download pictures from Freepik

To download Christmas images from Freepik, first click on the link here. That will take you to a gallery of their Christmas-related pictures, which you can peruse until you find something you like.

Once you’ve found the perfect image to send around as a holiday card, or some other purpose, make sure it doesn’t have an orange crown in its top left corner in the gallery. If it does, that means it’s a picture that’s only downloadable to premium members, and therefore isn’t free. The free pictures have an “S” in the top left corner instead. You’ll note there are many more free pictures than not on Freepik, so it’s still a great resource for your holiday images.

When you have the picture you want with an “S” in the corner, click on it. You will be taken to a page just for the picture. Click the green “Free Download” button to the right of the picture. You’ll be given a window called “Download options.” Click the green “Free Download” button here too, and a new window will open where your picture automatically downloads as a folder to your computer or tablet.

In the folder, you’ll have a few different file types of the picture, so you have options for editing and printing it out.

If you are using this picture for business or a website, and not just personal use, you have to credit the author of the picture. For use of a Freepik picture online, copy the link provided in the “Download options” window, or in the “License free” text file that comes with your picture download, and paste it into the website or email you’re using the picture in. For use of a Freepik picture in print form, make sure the words “Created by Freepik” appear somewhere on the document.

Freepik is easy to use, and has over 100,000 free Christmas images you can look through right now. Go ahead and start downloading the ones you like best, for both personal and professional use, by clicking here.

Download pictures from Unsplash

Unsplash has fewer Christmas images than Freepik—12,727 against over 100,000—but all of its images are free (no premium-only options here!), and downloading them is actually easier. Take a look at the Christmas pictures available here, and we’ll go over how to download one you like.

On Unsplash, you can download pictures right from the gallery page, or by clicking on them and downloading them from their own picture page. To download a picture from the gallery page, hover over an image you like. In the bottom right corner, there should be an icon of a downward-facing arrow. Click on that icon, and a new window will open that will make the picture automatically download to your computer.

To download from a picture’s page, click on an image that you like, opening a window with the image on it. Click the green “Download free” button in the top right corner of the window, and like above, a new window will open that automatically starts the downloading process. That’s it! The images will be on your computer, and you can do whatever you want with them.

Doing whatever you want with them is really very true. With Unsplash, unlike with Freepik, you aren’t obligated to credit pictures you download from the site. You can use them as much as you want, wherever you want, and credit is optional.

If you do want to give credit, to give the photographer or Unsplash more attention, after you download an image, a “Say thanks” pop-up appears and gives you some text you can copy and paste onto whatever you’re using the picture for. You can also embed a “credit badge” if you’re using the picture on a website—the badge will link back to the photographer’s page on Unsplash, getting them seen and maybe downloaded more by more people. To add the badge to a webpage, in that “Say thanks” pop-up, click the “embed a credit badge” link, and copy and paste the code provided.

With credit being optional, and the pictures being free regardless, Unsplash may not have as many Christmas and holiday pictures to download as Freepik, but what it does have is a lot easier to get and use. For really great background and stock images this holiday season, check out Unsplash by clicking here.

Download pictures from Pixabay

With some big, beautiful background pictures, and some fun cartoony images too, Pixabay is another great place to get free Christmas pictures for your holiday stationary and invitation needs. To check out their gallery of over 18,000 images (once again less than Freepik, but more than Unsplash), click here.

Downloading from Pixabay isn’t quite as quick as Unsplash, but it’s still very easy. Click on a picture you like from the Christmas gallery. You’ll be brought to a new page dedicated to the image. Click the green “Free Download” button on the right that has the downward-facing arrow on it, and you’ll get a menu of different picture sizes to choose from. This menu also lets you know what kind of picture file you’re downloading, like JPG or GIF, and how much memory space each file will take up on your computer.

Select the image size that makes the most sense for your computer memory, and your use of the picture. If you’re planning to insert an image into an email, or have it fairly small in your Christmas card, you might favor a smaller image that doesn’t take up too much computer memory or bandwidth. If you’re planning to print the image, or make it a big feature on a website, it makes sense to select a larger size.

If you can’t decide which size would be appropriate, click the gray “View” button, and click through the captcha to see what a particular size picture looks like on a webpage. Once you’re sure of your size, you can right click and select “Save image as,” or go back to Pixabay and click the green “Download” button to the left of the “View” button. After clicking that, you’ll need to go through another captcha check, but then the image will automatically download to your computer.

Like Unsplash, many of Pixabay’s pictures don’t need to be given credit to be used personally, or for business. Each image lets you know on its page, underneath the “Free Download” button in a “Creative Commons” section. Again, most of Pixabay’s images are completely free for commercial use without any credit. Start looking at the pictures on Pixabay yourself by clicking here.

Each of these three sites has some great free pictures for you to use this holiday season in a variety of ways. So spice up your email invitations, make your Christmas cards more personal, or just decorate your computer, phone, and tablet backgrounds with images from Freepik, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Decorating always increases holiday spirit after all, and with holiday spirit comes a whole lot of joy for you and your loved ones. Get it sooner, quickly, and easily, with some festive free pictures! App background

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