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Complete simple tasks and get free gift cards on your phone

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much you use your phone? They are capable of doing so much for us; it almost makes sense to have it around at all times.Whether it is calling, texting, using social media, getting news, playing games or whatever, smartphones are capable of doing so, so much. Did you realize while doing those things you could also be making some money?OK, maybe not money in the traditional sense, but you absolutely can turn your phone into a device that not only helps you get through the day, but also provides all sorts of rewards.

All you need is this app

The app is called PocketFlip, and it was created with an idea in mind. What was it? According to their website, “to create a platform where everybody can get free rewards.”With PocketFlip you can get gift cards for places like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Starbucks, Playstation and Xbox Live, with more being added all the time. So, how do you collect?There are a few of different ways to receive your gift cards with PocketFlip.
  • Take a photo for one of their partners
  • Download an app
  • Fill out a survey
It’s that easy.PocketFlip is available for free on both Android and iPhone, meaning you are just a couple taps away from getting free gift cards on your phone. Click the blue boxes below to download.

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