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Get Firefox’s new browser that’s super fast

Our gadgets are constantly being upgraded to be faster and more powerful. Think about how much more advanced today’s smartphones, tablets and desktop computers are compared to just a few years ago. It’s been an amazing leap forward.But to get the most out of what your gadgets can accomplish, we need software technology that can keep up. For example, your web browser of choice needs to be as efficient as possible in both speed and memory usage. I have good news, a new and improved version of Firefox has been released that will cover those requirements.Firefox Quantum launched November 14, 2017.Mozilla said Firefox Quantum is powered by a new, cutting-edge engine and is twice as fast as the current version. Not only that but Quantum’s new engine uses 30 percent less memory than Chrome, so other programs won’t slow down during browsing.The new Firefox browser also comes loaded with intuitive features like in-browser screenshots and more. Here are some of Quantum’s features:
  • New Tab – Search across multiple sites, view your top pages and discover new content.
  • Library – You can enjoy everything that you have saved to Firefox while browsing in one, easy place.
  • Extensions – Personalize Firefox with your favorite extras.
  • Mobile browsing – Access your bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across all your devices.
To learn more about Firefox Quantum and download the browser when available, click on the link we’ve provided below in the blue boxes. You can enter your email address on its site to be notified on launch updates and announcements. Or, click here if you’re reading this article using the app to visit the Quantum site page today.
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