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Get 325 free art books from the Getty Museum

In the spirit of the new year, now is an excellent time to establish your new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you wish to lose weight or eat healthier or perhaps you desire to learn a new skill or pursue a new hobby.

If you are taking an art class or you wish to brush up on your art knowledge, Getty Publications has a cool site that could be of great use to you, the art student in your life, or your friend who enjoys bragging about their favorite impressionist artists.

Back in 2014, Getty Publications announced the launch of its virtual library. The library allows readers to browse and download 325 different art books from Getty’s backlist catalog. The library is also home to texts associated with various Getty institutions including the J. Paul Getty Museum, Flemish Illustrations of the 15th and 16th centuries, and Cezanne’s late-life watercolor paintings.

You can check out the virtual library by clicking here.

The virtual library also contains scholarly works from the Getty Research Institute along with detailed treatises on art conservation from the Getty Conservation Institute.

This library will be a hit among art fans because where else can you read about the relationship between Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder, the two legendary 17th-century painters who lived in the Netherlands’ city of Antwerp? Or where else can you browse through eight different books on vase-oriented paintings?

If you find yourself more interested in a particular topic or painting you can also conduct a search using a keyword such as “Greek Vases” or a concept such as “prostitutes in French Impressionism.”

The virtual library is very user-friendly; Upon visiting the site’s home page you will find several different search options in the left-hand corner. Using these boxes, you can search for particular subjects and artists within the library’s database.

You can also choose which Getty Institute you would like to browse by selecting the institute and then clicking the “View All” link.

The Getty Virtual Library volumes are also available in a downloadable PDF form, so you can now take this abundance of art information with you wherever you choose!

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