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Free Wi-Fi scanner for your home network

Consider what is connected to your network. You have your computer, tablet, phone and television, for starters. Add to this the surge in internet-connected you-name-its from cameras, light bulbs, refrigerators, to even slow cookers that come with an app.  Your family uses the network. Guests who come over do, too. (Note: You can share your network without giving guests your Wi-Fi password. Click here to learn how.)

This is one of those network tools that you should have in your tech arsenal. Sure, you’ll learn your router’s IP address but you can also see all devices connected to your network and take an inventory. You can also check your internet connectivity, monitor the network and detect intruders.

The big problem with network diagnostic tools is they can seem overwhelming because they provide you with so much information. But, as long as you know what you’re looking for, they’re the perfect tool for anyone with a Wi-Fi connection.

Tip within a tip: On the go? Use this free tool to find free wireless networks near you.

The good news is, there’s a tool that makes analyzing your network easy. It’s called Acrylic Wi-Fi Home, and it scans your network in real time. 

Want to know which devices are connected to your network? This tool can tell you. It can also show you the signal strength and quality, available channels and security details for WEP, WPA, WPA2 and Enterprise networks. 

There are three download options available. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home, Heatmaps and Professional. 


When first trying out the software, Wi-Fi Home is a good place to start. The basic version is free to download and use, and has enough to satisfy the average consumer. If you’re looking for more advanced features, however, you’ll want to look into Wi-Fi Heatmaps and Wi-Fi Professional.


Want to know where the best place is to pick up the Wi-Fi signal in your home? Heatmaps identifies strong and weak areas in your network. It comes with a 15-day fully functional free trial license. Beyond that, there are different licensing options available. Click here for details on pricing.


Business owners and those who have more extensive Wi-Fi networks that need to be monitored may find that Wi-Fi Professional is the best option. It comes with a 5-day fully functional free trial and includes extra features such as Airpcap support, Monitor Mode, Passwords and Default Keys, etc.

For more information about Acrylic Wi-Fi software, click the blue button below.

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