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Free tool to securely delete your PC data

You don’t throw away your personal files, credit card statements and tax filings in the trash for anyone to find, do you? If you don’t do that to your physical files, then why shouldn’t you do that to your sensitive digital files too?

If you’re getting rid of your old computer or maybe you’re just clearing out your files to make space, you’re probably diligent about cleaning out your recycle bin to get rid of data, right?

If you do that, then those files should be gone forever and they’re completely safe from hackers, right?

Wrong! You might think your files are deleted, but really they’re only hidden.

The thing is, if you haven’t properly shredded private documents, they can still be found later on down the road. All it takes is a little know-how to recover them.

When a file is deleted, your operating system removes the link to the file and marks the space free. Until it’s overwritten by new information, that file will still exist on your hard drive.

If you consider the size of hard drives, it could be some time until that file is really gone for good. That gives a hacker ample opportunity to get his hands on your sensitive data.

If you want to get serious about your personal security, you have to use tools to completely obliterate the data for good.


BlankAndSecure is a portable Windows application that securely deletes your data.

It does this by overwriting the space occupied by the file with random numbers before deleting. This ensures that traces of the old file are completely gone.

To get rid of your data securely just run the program then select the files you want to delete securely.

Here are some of the delete operations you can do with BlankAndSecure:

This overwrites the folder and files with NULL then deletes them.

Overwrite X times:
This overwrites the folder and files with NULL a specified number of times then deletes them. (More secure).

Delete Delay X-sec.:
Delays the delete process so you can still stop it via the [ESC] key.

Fill the free space with random numbers:
This will remove the standard deletion tracks from your hard drive.

Warning: Using BlankAndSecure will make all your deleted files unrecoverable so please use with caution.

Download Instructions

To download BlankandSecure, click here or the yellow download button below then download the appropriate .zip file for your Windows version. You can simply click the BlankAndSecure application within the zip folder to run it. That’s it!

Since it’s a portable tool, there’s nothing to install. You can even copy it over to a USB flash drive and use it on multiple computers. Just agree to its license agreement and you can start using it immediately.

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