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Free tool to restore your PC to a previous state

Have you ever been wary of new device drivers and software messing up your Windows PC? It’s those unexpected crashes, system instabilities and hardware compatibilities that can seemingly come from nowhere.Of course, there are ways to ghost or clone your entire computer to restore it to a specific image but for the regular user, Windows’ built-in System Restore is a much more common way to restore your settings when something goes wrong.Basically, a System Restore point is a checkpoint that saves software, registry and driver configurations at that current point in time.It is recommended that you create a restore point before making major system changes like software or driver installs so you can quickly revert back to a previous state if things go south.The problem with Windows’ default restore point creation is that it’s a bit cumbersome, clunky and it requires digging into multiple menus.If you want a simpler way of creating restore points, then try Restore Point Creator from Tom’s World.With this free program, you can create multiple System Restore points instantly without having to go through Windows’ tedious process. Just download, install and open the program, then click the single Create System Checkpoint button (or Create Custom Names for a specifically labeled checkpoint) to create a restore point. It’s that simple.For a demonstration of this time-saving software, watch the video below:Important: Although System Restore can only undo software, registry and driver configurations, it won’t fix your system if it’s infected with a virus, ransomware or any other form of malware. For malware infection recovery, a backup or ghost image of your whole system is required.

Download instructions

To download Tom’s World’s Restore Point Creator, just click the blue download button below to take you straight to its download page.This software works for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 but it’s not compatible with Windows XP. It also requires Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0.

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