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Helpful tool to edit PDF files

PDF files are great. The files preserve formatting across all platforms and can include text, audio, video, links and graphics. Most businesses use PDFs every day. But what happens when you need to edit one?

You need to change some links in a massive PDF file, but find yourself staring at a wall instead because, quite frankly, it’s going to take forever. Some people will start to play a conversion game. Convert it to a Word doc, edit, convert it back to a PDF. So many unnecessary steps! And no matter how much you want to avoid the project, it’s something you’ll eventually have to do.

Well, fret not, because it does not have to be a tedious process that consumes your entire day. That feeling you’re experiencing right now? It happens when you begin to realize your life is about to get much, much easier.

Really, you can get the job done quickly

There is an app for Windows called PDF Link Editor that does exactly what its name would suggest. But in this case, the “what” is almost less important than the “how,” in that when you load in a file, the program quickly identifies links and allows you to replace them, either one at a time or as a batch.

And, if you want to add links, you can. Just set the anchor, which the app will identify before adding your URL throughout the file. You can also use it to clear or extract links if that’s what you need to do. While PDF Link Editor works well with all versions of Adobe PDF, it will function on its own without any Adobe plugin installed.

In summary, here’s how PDF Link Editor helps:

  1. You no longer have to go through an entire .pdf file, word by word, line by line, to find links.
  2. Upon finding links, you can replace them individually or, if you want, all at once in a batch.
  3. Removing links is no sweat, either individually or in a batch.
  4. Adding links is as simple as setting an anchor and letting the app do the work from there.
  5. Extracting links can also be done, both individually or in a batch.

Download instructions

Downloading PDF Link Editor is easy. Just go to, and click on the green “Download” button. Once the file is downloaded, it will automatically prompt you to continue with the process of installing the app.

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