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Comodo: A free and efficient secure firewall system

One security component that you’re probably not aware of is your firewall. A firewall is a primary line of defense for your computer that usually works with your antivirus to block bad software, probes and more from your computer.Windows users usually have a basic one built into their PC, but the problem is that it’s a basic firewall. What you really need is a comprehensive, yet simple program to sufficiently protect your equipment.Comodo is the simple yet sturdy firewall you need to protect your computer from outside invaders. It notifies you when a program is trying to download, has an automatic sandbox feature, and Comodo even stops viruses before they can get to your computer.This comprehensive program also detects zero-day viruses and malware and lets you customize installation wizards to avoid malicious or annoying add-ons to other programs. And all this for free!Note: Comodo is not compatible with other firewalls, including your default Windows firewall. You will need to disable your other firewall to use Comodo. It should help you do this automatically.

Download and Install Instructions

To download the program, navigate to the Comodo website and click on the gray “Continue Download” button. Your download should begin immediately.When the download is complete, open and run the installation files. Select your language to continue.In the next window, you will have the option to enter your email address to receive promotions and other content from Comodo. You do not have to enter your email address.The two checkboxes are for sending anonymous user information to Comodo for troubleshooting and checking unknown or unrecognized programs against the Comodo online database. I recommend leaving these checked.The next window will give you the option to change your DNS server settings to Comodo’s DNS server. This is optional, but if you’re a novice tech user I recommend that you leave this box unchecked and stay with your current DNS settings.If you do want to change your DNS settings and speed up your computer, or if you want to learn what DNS settings are, click here to learn more. You also have the option to default your browser home page to Yahoo! and install a toolbar. I highly recommend unchecking this box.Be sure to read the Comodo License Agreement before clicking “Agree and Install.” Remember, always read the fine print!Before you click “Agree and Install” there’s one more thing you need to do. At the bottom of the installation window is a gray text link labeled “Customize Installation.”Click on the link and you will see four boxes that are automatically checked. Some of these programs are add-ons that you don’t need. Uncheck the options labeled “Install Comodo Dragon Web Browser” and “Install PrivDog.”Now you are ready to go back to the final installation screen and click “Agree and Install.” When the installation is complete, you should be able to boot up Comodo and run it right away.Note: Comodo Firewall is a free service. If you are prompted to use a credit card to buy the program, then you have installed the wrong program.Click here or the blue download box below to install the Comodo Free Firewall now.
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