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Free eBooks to help you tackle your toughest tech problems

Have you ever called tech support only to be told, “Clear your cache and cookies, and reboot your computer,” by some anonymous IT guy? The solution seems too simple to work, but when you follow the instructions your troubles are over.Whenever this happens, you probably experience some mixed emotions. On one hand, you don’t have to deal with a major tech issue. On the other, you just wasted your time and probably some money. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way?One thing you might not realize is that we provide everything you need to tackle the toughest tech problems on for FREE! Each week, we write tons of helpful articles that can help you with troubleshooting. But there’s also an entire section of the website that you might not know about.You’ve probably heard Kim talk about Kim’s Club on the show, or you may have seen the special promotions we’ve sent out in our newsletters. But if you haven’t joined yet, then you might not have heard about all of the benefits Kim’s Club offers.

Why join?

One of those many benefits is the Technology Academy, which was added as an extra perk this year. It’s where we add all of our helpful eBooks that can guide you through tech issues, and even things like cutting the cord on cable and buying yourself a smart TV.As a Kim’s Club member, you can enjoy these eBooks completely free. You just have to join up, then log into your account to gain access to the collection.Membership costs just $8.95 per month or $59.95 per year. Seniors and service personnel can take $10 off the annual price, or a dollar off the monthly membership, all thanks to their special discount.Some online sources charge $20 – $50 for each eBook they offer. If you add that up for all of the tech advice you need, it’s truly a rip off!Free eBooks aren’t the only thing you get when you sign up for Kim’s Club either. You’ll also get instant access to the Kim Komando Show, anytime, anywhere. Kim’s Club members can watch the show live before it airs over the radio.Other perks include access to the members-only chat room where you can ask all your questions, lifetime purchase support for any item bought in the Komando Shop, essential fraud and scam watch alerts, special deals and promotions, and more.To sign up for Kim’s Club and start taking advantage of all these benefits, click the blue button below.
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