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Thousands of free books for your eReader, tablet, phone or computer

There’s never been a better time for those who love to read. In a matter of minutes, you can download hundreds or even thousands of eBooks and then take them with you anywhere.

They’ll work on your eReader, smartphone, tablet or computer. And while these eBooks are easy to get and even easier to take with you, there is a catch.

While eBooks are often less expensive than their paper counterparts, they still cost money. You might pay as much as $5 to $10 for a single eBook. Depending on how fast you read, these charges can get out of control. Fortunately, you don’t always have to pay.

Thousands of free eBooks are just a click away on the sites I’m about to give you. History, biographies, romance, mysteries and more – they’re all here.

Free classic books, sheet music, audiobooks and more

Project Gutenberg has thousands of classic books that are in the public domain, and new titles are added daily.

In addition to free books, this site offers sheet music, speeches and even music and videos. Several books are offered as audiobooks if you prefer to listen instead of read. It’s a wonderful tool for researchers and students.

Public domain and popular authors for free

There are currently over 800 free eBooks for you to choose from at OpenCulture and the list is growing all the time. And just because it’s free that doesn’t mean that all of these books are classics in the public domain.

You can find newer works of fiction from big-name authors available here. Simply search alphabetically by author’s last name to find the titles you’re looking for. Downloading eBooks from there is a snap.

OpenCulture also features free audiobooks, textbooks, movies and college courses. You’ll find what you want, or something new, no doubt.

Bonus: Copyrighted works from 1923 enter public domain — free content for you to use

Check out free eBooks from many libraries

Many of the sites on this list focus on older books. If you want to read the latest best-sellers, though, you should try Overdrive. It taps into library databases to help you borrow newer books for free.

Of course, this means you won’t have the book forever. However, you can return or check out books right from Overdrive’s app for Apple and Android. You don’t need to take to a trip to the library or worry about overdue book charges.

NASA offers free eBooks

If you’re at all interested in science or technology, then you definitely have to check these books out. NASA has compiled a list of books about the history and science of our national space program.

These books cover everything from supersonic travel to atmospheric re-entry. And every book is available in different formats, so every eReader or computer can download them.

Millions of eBooks for free

Open Library is the largest site for free eBooks, with millions available for download, in all categories. You can get art books, biographies, recipes, science fiction, history – you want, they got it.

Each book’s page has information on the book, the author and relevant links. Find a mistake on the entry for your favorite book? You can edit mistakes and add information. You just need to set up an account using your name and email address.

Open Library also is attempting the seemingly impossible feat of cataloging every single book ever written.

Organize your eBooks

And now that you have all those free books crammed onto your computer, how do you find anything? Calibre is the perfect digital librarian for your eBooks. It helps you organize them so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Even better, Calibre converts your books into almost any format. You can customize title covers and get data about each book by automatically syncing to online booksellers. Caliber even downloads magazines and newspapers.

Bonus: Best sites to download free audiobooks

Kim has eBooks, too

Kim’s favorite eBooks are available at Amazon and Kobo.

At Amazon, you can find “Windows 10: Secrets & Tips for Busy People,” “Android for Seniors,” “How to get Free HDTV and Cut the Cable,” and more. Kim’s new eBook, “How to Use Amazon Echo: Tips and Tricks,” is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

At Kobo, you’ll find those books and “iPhone for Seniors,” too. Also, Kim’s “50 Ways to Make Money from Home” is available for free from Kobo until Feb. 28

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