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Listen to these BBC Apollo 11 podcasts

Many of us are looking for suggestions to stay entertained while sheltering in place. Here’s something you can try, the BBC has a fantastic, free podcast all about the Apollo 11 moon landing. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, the BBC is now launching another free series much like the original but this time covering Apollo 13.

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What are these podcasts about exactly and how can you listen to them? Stay tuned and you’ll find out everything you need to know to start hearing about the wonders of the cosmos!

What are the BBC’s Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 podcasts about?

Split up into two award-winning, critically-acclaimed seasons, the BBC’s podcast is called 13 Minutes To The Moon. The first season of the podcast is the Apollo 11 story, which aired in 2019.

It tells the tale of not just the moon landing itself but everything that happened in the lead up to the landing. It focuses on the actual people involved with making the moon landing possible.

The second season is the Apollo 13 story, which is currently airing in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13. This one tells the tale of the chaos and calamity that encircled the Apollo 13 mission.

From a major explosion to ever-dwindling supplies to waiting with bated breath for radio signal re-connection. Co-written and presented by Kevin Fong, the Apollo 13 story features a host of interesting characters involved in the actual Apollo 13 mission:

  • Commander of the Apollo 13 mission Jim Lovell, as well as his family.
  • Apollo 13 flight controllers John Aaron and Sy Liebergot, who played instrumental roles in recovering from disaster mid-mission.
  • Lunar module Apollo 13 pilot Fred Haise.
  • Flight director Gerry Griffin who oversaw mission control during the Apollo 13 mission.
  • Capsule communicator for Apollo 13 Joe Kerwin.

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Where to stream 13 Minutes To The Moon

The BBC makes it easy for users across multiple platforms to access its podcasts easily and for free. In just a few simple taps or clicks, you can jump straight into the Apollo 11 and 13 stories.

  • The BBC has a whole setup for the 13 Minutes To The Moon series on its website. And navigating to a specific episode, like the first episode of either season: Season 1’s “We chose to go” or Season 2’s “Time bomb: Apollo 13”, is easy.
  • On Spotify, simply search for 13 Minutes To The Moon and select whichever episode you’d like to listen to and start listening.
  • On Apple’s Podcasts app, the process is similar: search for 13 Minutes To The Moon and play whichever episode you’d like.

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