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Forget Facebook, use these free apps to share your photos

Facebook isn’t your only option for sharing photos with friends and family. If you’re iffy on using the social media behemoth that always seems to be wracked with issues nowadays, and you should be, it’s time to find alternative venues.

When selecting the perfect photo storage method for you, you’ll want to consider these important factors: how much storage space is available with each method? If it’s free, will you get enough space to continue to use it for months or even years following your initial setup?

And, what kind of quality does the storage app support? Can you upload high-quality, uncompressed copies of your originals? Finally, how easy is it to upload, edit and share your photos with friends and family?

We’ve considered these individual requirements to make sure our suggestions fit our own stringent standards, and they pass with flying colors. Here are a few excellent options you can get started with, in the event you’ve got plenty of photos you’re looking to offload somewhere.

Google Photos

Google Photos is an excellent repository for your pictures, mostly due to the convenience factor. You likely already use Google services for your email, getting directions, communicating with family and more. May as well use it to store your photos as well.

You get unlimited storage with a Google Photos account, as well as extremely simple ways to share your images via text and email. You can even drag and drop your photo to its intended recipient to friends via Google Hangouts.

Have a big event you want to share photos from? You can share albums in their entirety, which makes it even simpler to back up your photos en masse. You can even set up your account to automatically share photos such as an album of your choosing with friends and family based on events, or when Google Photos detects a certain person in your images.

Given that Google is already a massive part of our online lives (for many of us), it makes total sense to go ahead and use it for our image needs as well.

The Google Photos app is available for free on both Apple and Android. Tap or click here for iOS. For Android, click or tap here.


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So, yes, Facebook does still own Instagram, but this photo-focused social platform is all about uploading and organizing all the images you take on a regular basis.

It’s also attractive, aesthetically pleasing in a way that allows you to put the focus squarely on your images rather than the service surrounding them. There’s plenty of room to tag others, or you can make your profile totally private and only share it with individuals you want to be able to view your handiwork.

If you’re feeling social, you can follow others on the platform as well and leave them comments, tag them and carry on conversations via private messages. While you’re at it, be sure to follow Kim on Instagram if you aren’t yet for some amazing dog photos, cool tech tips and a peek at her everyday life.

The Instagram app is available for free on both Apple and Android. Tap or click here for iOS. For Android, click or tap here.

If you want to avoid mainstream social media all together, check out the ad-free Komando Community. This social sharing site is the perfect place to upload your photos and connect with others, plus we’ll never sell your data. Click or tap here to learn more.

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Flickr has a free option that allows for high-quality photo storage, but there’s also a premium option if you’re someone who wants to be able to download the high-res versions of each image as well. Free users are a bit restricted in what they can do, but there are still plenty of options for folks not looking to empty their pocketbooks on a regular basis.

You can select and share individual photos, albums, or even your whole stream with the world in an aesthetically-pleasing wrapper or restrict access to a few select viewers. In this, it’s great for photographers and anyone looking to showcase their photos to a mass audience.

The Flickr app is available for free on both Apple and Android. Tap or click here for iOS. For Android, click or tap here.

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