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Find out which folders are eating up your computer’s memory

Like any home closet or office filing cabinet, a computer doesn’t have infinite space for storage and needs to be monitored to make sure it doesn’t reach capacity. If you’re not using the cloud to store large files, or if you run a lot of programs that eat up a lot of your memory, you may be getting warning messages that your computer is running out of storage.There are a lot of applications that will scan your computer for free, but before you download, install and run any program on your computer, read the user reviews from multiple sites. Or, ask Kim.Today we’re going to tell you about TreeSize Free, a free computer download to help you keep on top of the space you have available on your computer.

How does TreeSize Free work?

The free download surfs through your folders and subfolders to see how much space has been used and how much is still available.After scanning through your hard disk, TreeSize creates a tree map in an easy-to-view breakdown showing exactly which folders are taking up the most space.TreeSize works on the Master File Table and scans at incredibly fast speeds. The download may be presented in 12 different languages and is 100% visual, making it easy to understand.

Does TreeSize work?

TreeSize is a great tool for tracking usage and seeing what exactly you need to get rid of. However, it doesn’t actually rid your computer of useless junk. You’ll have to take care of that step yourself.It is very similar to other apps that help with physical decluttering, but for the computer. The best part of the download is the fact that you don’t need to go through your hard disk, folder by folder, to log each percentage.

It’s effortless

TreeSize is quite effortless to use. The most work you need to do with the download is to download it.It’s so easy to use it embeds right into your drive, taking away the need to have multiple programs open at one time. Even if your folders and drive are reaching capacity, your computer will never tell you. With TreeSize, that problem is nonexistent.With a 4.5/5 average rating, the free version of TreeSize is well worth the try. It’s compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 10 down to Windows ME.

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