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Find exactly where shared photos were taken

If you’ve ever poked around on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, no doubt you’ve come across some breathtaking images. Have you ever wondered where these photos were taken? Now, there is a site to help you out!This helpful site can show you many details about a photo’s location. It takes public information from photos that users have added to a map. It then combines data with the corresponding Google Street View location. Just enter a hashtag to start your search, or watch a live rotation of photos and locations.Feel free to explore your own beat by putting a new topic in the search box. This site uses entirely public Instagram information, available from the Instagram API and viewable in various way in many other Instagram applications. Street addresses are only proximate, and the photo location is randomly altered within a small radius.All of the site’s content is cultivated from public information, but you might not want your own location to be shared when posting photos. I’ll tell you how to keep your photos private in this tip. 
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