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Tech that can save emergency medical workers lives

I have to be honest with you. It’s been a rough month.

No matter how hard I try to focus, I just keep thinking about the people who were affected by recent acts of terrorism, floods, earthquakes and fires. Just when I was able to grasp the ramifications of the nursing home tragedy, news of the Las Vegas mass shooting hits home, and I am once again paralyzed in deep thought and grief.

We need to learn from these incidents. It’s not selfish to ask, “What if I were in that crowd?” It could happen. So what would you do in a tragedy? In all the chaos, how would health care facilities keep your loved ones safe? How would you get your medicine?

Well, I feel your pain. You need answers, and I need answers. As I prepared for this podcast, my gut instinct told me to contact some of the top experts in the emergency medical field. So I went with it. And what these guys told me is truly amazing.

Lifesaving technology has made incredible leaps in the past five years. Devices to stop massive bleeding, devices to track infants and Alzheimer’s patients, devices to calculate your stroke risk, programs that help deliver medication to stranded people – we’ve covered a lot of ground.

New apps and system developers are hard at work to help you avoid doctor visits, restore your hope in health care and save your life. Let’s summarize just a few.

Telemedical systems

Can’t get to a hospital in time? Too far to travel? Telemedical systems are now in place, which allow EMT, rescue helpers and remote health care professionals to share test results, photos, ultrasound and diagnostic data with each other to get a timely, first-rate diagnosis and take the right steps to save lives.

For instance, a health care professional can share data with a diagnostician, an anesthesiologist and a cardiac specialist from three different parts of the world, all in an instant. Hear the incredible story of how Dr. Adi Nadimpalli of Doctors without Borders saved a mother and infant with telemedical technology in our podcast.

Infant trackers

Forty-two percent of missing children are abducted from health care facilities, according to Stanley Healthcare has introduced a solution: an all-in-one infant security system that incorporates tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit warnings that notify staff quickly.

The system sends alerts directly to caregivers and automates the transfer of infants between areas of the hospital for smoother workflow and uninterrupted security. Parents get tangible proof that their infants are safe and secure. It is the only infant protection system on the market to provide proven hospital-wide infant projection.

Fall prevention

One of the biggest fears of all is still the fear of falling, and for good reason. Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in older Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I think about that frightening commercial, “Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!” It still gives me chills.

Health care professionals are now able to predict and prevent falls by tracking their patients’ movements. One million of Stanley Healthcare’s fall monitors have been installed in facilities in the past eight years. That particular technology should be available to the public fairly soon.

You’ll be able to track your loved ones and be notified when they seem to be having an “off balance” day. That’s going to be huge for senior and special needs care, because like I said, falling is a big problem. It would be great to know that if someone I love is wobbling around, I would be alerted and maybe prevent a catastrophe.

What my podcast guests shared with me gives me hope for the future of medicine, especially emergency and preventative care. I’m not saying technology can save everyone, but informing yourself of the available tools certainly helps. These new devices and apps are out there for your benefit.

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