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Effortlessly block spying ISPs and ad trackers

In this age of personalized ads and online user profiling, we are understandably concerned about the digital tracks we are leaving behind. Your browsing and search habits get collected, cataloged, analyzed and you become a statistic – an alphanumeric code to be processed by an algorithm.

This cross-platform, cross-device tracking seems to follow us everywhere and it always feels like somebody’s watching you.

Web tracking is not necessarily always a bad thing but your data or profile may fall into the wrong hands, like cybercriminals or stalkers, and your privacy may be compromised, or worse, someone can steal your identity.

You might be using your web browser’s incognito or private mode to clear your browsing sessions but this does not eliminate cookies nor would it keep websites from tracking you.

I found a service that will go beyond your web browsers’ private modes and will keep your browsing and search activity from being tracked by untrusted entities.


PrivatizeMe is a service that uses anti-tracking, anti-fingerprinting and privacy technologies to protect your online data without sacrificing your browser speed or experience.

With its range of browser extensions and applications, it’s a transparent program that will protect your privacy without changing your online experience.

Upon installation, PrivatizeMe works automatically by defeating cookies, fingerprinting and even cross domain tracking. With it on, each site you visit will treat you like you’re a first-time visitor. This means you can continue getting ads to support websites but you won’t be tracked.

You can also stop your ISPs from monitoring your activities with PrivatizeMe’s proxy client and optional VPN services.

For sites that you do trust, you can customize your settings by adding them to your “trusted sites” list, so you don’t have to change your settings each time.

Try PrivatizeMe now

You can try PrivatizeMe for 30 days for free and see if it’s something you can use.

After the trial period, there are many packages to choose from:

There’s a $39.95 lifetime license for one Mac or Windows machine or you can opt for a $13.95 one-year license instead. You can also get a one-year/three computer license (without VPN) for $39.95.

For single browsers, try PrivatizeMe’s browser extensions for Chrome.

For more info, visit the PrivatizeMe home page.

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