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Easily edit your videos like a pro

Do you have videos all over the place? You probably have videos of your grandchildren on your smartphone, old videos of your kids on your computer, and videos in who-knows-what formats on your tablet, and others saved on social media.

We know the feeling. You’re overwhelmed just thinking about finding all those videos. So, you can’t imagine changing their formats and editing them so they look great when you share them with your family and friends.

Instead, it’s a lot easier to just let them sit there. You’ll get to it another day. But that’s no fun.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to reformat videos and edit them. Try these three free or low-cost programs. You’ll be sharing really impressive looking videos on social media in no time.

Easily convert video formats

It’s easy to create a library of all your videos, including putting them into a single format. You start by downloading your videos to Apowersoft’s Video Converter Studio or drag them over.

Click on the Convert button to change your video’s format. Plus, if you’ve got hundreds or thousands of pictures of your kids, friends, and the places you’ve visited, and who doesn’t, you can turn them into a movie.

Edit your videos

For many decades, video editing was something only professionals could do. Editing was a complicated process of cutting, chopping and taping. When software replaced the manual system, it was prohibitively expensive.

Now, there are so many easy-to-use programs to edit your videos. And many of them are inexpensive or free, like Free Video Editor. You start by opening a video. When your video is ready to edit, you’ll see editing tools, like time clocks and scissors.

It automatically puts in tags for each scene in your video. Plus, it will show the sound throughout the entire video.

Tweak the look of your videos

It’s pretty easy to accidentally shoot a video the wrong way. You might find that you recorded something in landscape that gets chopped off at the bottom and top of the screen when you’re watching it.

When Movie Rotator is installed, open a video from its folder icon. Hit the play button, then adjust its orientation using the green arrow keys. If you want to save it to its new orientation, click the save button. Movie Rotator re-encodes videos so that each frame is rotated. App background

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