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Easily control privacy settings on Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been widely embraced for being more intuitive and less clunky than Windows 8. Microsoft went out of its way to make it more streamlined, and it shows.Windows 10 is also more interactive. Its virtual assistant Cortana, for instance, can listen to you and make suggestions. If you have a flight later today, Windows 10 can suggest you leave now because of traffic delays. The downside to Windows 10 is that Microsoft is collecting loads of your personal information.That includes your calendar, emails, location and more. Worse, Microsoft doesn’t make it easy for you to tinker with your privacy settings after your initial installation.Fortunately, there is a solution. O&O ShutUp10 puts all of your privacy settings onto one screen. Those settings are currently scattered over many pages.After you download O&O ShutUp10, choose “Run” to open it as a pop-up window. You’ll see dozens of entries under these headers: Security, Windows Defender and Microsoft SpyNet, Privacy, Synchronization of Windows Settings, Cortana (Personal Assistant), Location Services, User Behavior, Windows Update and Miscellaneous. (See photo.)O&O ShutUp10That’s a lot of settings to manage, but don’t worry. Just click on any of them to find out what turning it off will do.For example, when you click on “Application telemetry disabled” under “User Behavior,” it shows you: “By deactivating this function, Microsoft will not send telemetry data, i.e., usage data of programs, crashes, your entry behavior and similar are no longer sent to Microsoft.”Be sure to carefully read through each entry. To turn on a setting like “Password reveal button disabled,” click the red icon to turn it on (green).

Download instructions

Note: You don’t need to install O&O ShutUp10 to use it.Click on the Download link below >> Start free download now >> Open .zip file >> double click Application >> Run.
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