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Easiest way to find lost product keys needed to install software

I’m sure you’ve realized this by now; keeping track of all your purchased software keys, codes and licenses can be a pain. These long and random set of characters can be printed on a sticker label, an old software CD case or stashed in an email somewhere.Not having these activation keys can be a huge problem if you have to set up your computer again. You might have to search and rummage through your emails, documents, CD cases and manuals just to find them.We talked about an application called LicenseCrawler before. It’s a great utility for a range of software product licenses but it doesn’t save Windows keys. Here’s a great alternative product key finder that does and it’s super lightweight too.

The Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

The Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder is a free download that finds the product key you used to install your Windows operating system.It also has a community sourced database file that retrieves product keys for other software products and even unbootable Windows installs.Although Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder has a paid version, the free version can retrieve keys from over 300 programs, Windows 7, Windows 8, even Windows 10 and Microsoft Office and unbootable Windows machines.

How to download and install

To download Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder, click this link (or click on the blue download link below) and this will take you to its download page. On the page, scroll down and click on the free version’s “Download”  button then follow its installation steps.
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