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Make your daily commute or next road trip more fun with hands-free Jeopardy!

Roadtrips can be long, tiring affairs — especially when the kids remind you of how bored they are every 15 minutes. But road trips don’t have to be awful. You can spice things up with a fun app and make dead stares through the window a thing of the past.

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The next time you’re ready to hit the road, turn to this app. It’s home to a variety of different voice-controlled games, including an old favorite: Jeopardy!

Note: Playing interactive games while on the road can be a distraction for drivers. Play responsibly.

The app that keeps on giving

Drivetime is the hands-free trivia app meant to help entertain people during those long boring drives. It offers the following games:

  • Drivetime Trivia – Free hosted trivia game episodes to test knowledge in music, literature, TV & film, history and society, the world, science & technology, and sports & leisure.
  • Jeopardy! – Free daily episode with Alex Trebek and clues that span the show’s 35+ year history.
  • Storytime – Interactive stories you can control (kid-friendly versions also available).
  • TuneTime – Choose a genre and decade of music to see how many you can recognize.
  • Would You Rather – Hilarious questions and scenarios a car full of friends can enjoy.

So the app is obviously full of fun and interactive games for those who want to play solo or in groups. But what operating system is it available on?

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You’re in luck — Drivetime offers free daily games for both Android and iOS. You can play a game of Jeopardy once a day, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription for only $7.99/month for unlimited access to all the games and episodes that come with Drivetime.

Or, if you really love the games, you can sign up for an annual subscription for $49.99/year, which saves you about $46/year.

How to play Jeopardy! with Drivetime

Simply download Drivetime and tap the Jeopardy! icon from the main screen. From here, choose the episode you want to play. If you’re playing the daily free episode, simply scroll to the top of the feed to select it.

When you’re ready to get started, round up your players (everyone in the car or just you) and tap Play. Drivetime will request permission to use your microphone. This is normal, since your microphone is necessary to hear your vocal commands and answers to your questions.

Once you’ve given the app permission to access your mic, the game will start. If you need to pause for any reason, or you’re just tired of playing, simply press the menu button on the top right corner and the game will pause and show your friend lists, leaderboards and other settings.

Playing games while driving can be fun, but remember safety first. It’s probably best not to play any games when traffic is bad or the weather conditions require all of your attention. Remember to play safe!

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