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Download free high-resolution Audubon bird prints

I’m always looking for fun outdoor activities to spend as much time as possible enjoying the beautiful weather. Hiking, bike riding and exploring nature trails are a few go-to’s.A more relaxing outdoor activity has been around for generations. Of course, we’re talking about bird watching.One of the most famous bird enthusiasts was John James Audubon. In fact, he attempted to paint and describe all the birds of America.He created the Birds of America collection, which consists of 435 life-size watercolor prints. The prints of North American birds were released between 1827 and 1838 and reproduced from hand-engraved plates. It’s considered the archetype of wildlife illustration.Nearly 200 years later, thanks to the site, the Birds of America prints are coming to life again. Each print found on the site is available as a free high-resolution download.Here are some examples of what you’ll find:Yellow-billed CuckooSelby’s Fly catcherCarolina ParrotPainted FinchThe site is super easy to navigate. You can view images in alphabetical or chronological order. There’s even a list showing every official state bird.To get started with the Birds of America collection, click on the link we’ve provided in the blue box below. Or, click here to visit the site.

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