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Does your computer have a temperature?

Let’s list ways you can break your computer. Throw it out a window. Hit it with a hammer. Submerge it in the bathtub. Use it as a sled. Check it with your baggage at the airport.

Am I missing anything? Oh, yes. Let it get hot. Excess heat is a common cause of computer problems. Components can fail, or even melt if they get too hot. That’s why your computer has fans to cool it down.

But no system is perfect. Monitoring your computer’s internal temperature could save you serious headaches. Your computer probably has built-in temperature sensors. And you can access them with SpeedFan.

This is especially useful if you’ve overclocked your system. Or, maybe you’re using a powerful gaming computer. SpeedFan can tell you if there is trouble. With compatible hardware, it can even automatically control fan speeds.

To download SpeedFan, click the link in the button below.

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