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This handy app helps you get more done around the house

Daily life is overwhelming enough with countless things to do at any given moment, so it’s easy for routine maintenance checks to slip through the cracks. Luckily, when it comes to your home or your car, there’s an app for your Apple devices to help keep you in check!

COVID-19 is still spreading, so it’s also important to remember to regularly wash your hands. Tap or click here to set reminders on your iPhone or iPad to wash your hands.

From changing a furnace filter to checking tire pressure and more, there are countless essential tasks anyone who owns a home or an automobile must complete. Thankfully, one simple app takes the hassle out of all of this. Read on to learn exactly how to set yourself up to never forget an important task again!

Why Directive is the app for you

Phones have become essential to keeping life organized, so it’s not unusual to glance at your device and see various text messages, notifications, and reminders. Amidst this sea of attention-grabbers, it can be hard to prioritize, and the temptation to dismiss something to return to it later can be strong.

When it comes to tasks that can’t wait, like renewing your car registration or testing a smoke detector, simply forgetting is not an option. This is where the iOS & Mac app Directive comes in. Directive comes preconfigured with over 30 of the most common household and automotive tasks from annual eye exams to oil changes and everything in-between.

Note: The Directive app is not available for Android devices yet.

The free version of the app allows you to keep track of up to 10 maintenance tasks, and upgrading to the Pro version, which will cost you just $4 per year, allows you an unlimited amount of tasks as well as cloud sync across devices.

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How Directive works

Moving beyond Directive’s preconfigured reminders, the app allows you to keep track of whatever custom tasks you’d like: adding new tasks, customizing task names, assigning categories, recording when the task was last completed, and deciding how frequently a task should be completed can all be done in just a few clicks.

You can even add task-specific details, like what size filter you’re looking to buy or the brand of toothbrush you prefer, to help keep you organized when the time comes to complete a task.

Directive also supports nine distinct one-click actions for each task, which can be used to make orders online, call someone, find nearby locations, and more. Even better, important tasks can be either partially or fully automated. Not only will Directive help keep you organized, but it can also cut down on the time spent actually doing things.

In times like these, an app like Directive can be a lifesaver. You’ll never have to worry about missing an important task ever again.

Considering the financial stress COVID-19 has put on many Americans, routine maintenance tasks can be more complicated than ever. Looking to save money? Tap or click here for 7 steps to lower your internet bill.

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