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Create fun and surprising videos to share with family and friends

Have you ever wanted a video you filmed to get the Hollywood treatment? You know, take what you shot, touch it up a bit and make it really cool?If you see yourself as being creative but lack the tools to show off your skills, that’s OK. Video editing software is usually expensive, and it takes a good amount of learning before one can master all the tricks the professionals use.

You won’t be Michael Bay, but…

Most of us are not interested in turning our short movies into summer blockbusters. While explosions, lens flares and other effects are neat, we’ll save that for the big screen. We’ll be happy with some smaller, less-flashy effects, the kind of which you can do with a fun app called BLINK Cliplets.Now, besides not offering the fanciest of editing tools, Cliplets is also not for creating long flicks; instead, you’ll get to turn your brief videos into more than you ever imagined they would be with the use of layering both static and dynamic elements.What does that mean?Essentially, you will get to choose which parts of a video freeze, like a still photo, and which get to move a bit. So, whether you have a wheel fly off a bike or car, someone moving around like they are in the Matrix — or whatever else you can come up with — the finished product will have the look of something you probably never thought you could do.And when you’re done, it is easy to show your work off on Facebook and Twitter, while it can also be saved as an animated GIF or video.You begin by choosing what video you want to play with. In this case, we have a glacier with some running water:From there, you use the markup tool to highlight the area you want to have movement. In this case, we’re going with the rushing water:At that point, we decided what we wanted the water to do. We could allow it to flow as normal, reverse it, mirror it, or put it in some sort of loop.We chose a reverse loop, which means the water is going up. Take that, gravity!A free app, BLINK Cliplets is for Windows only.

In a nutshell

  • You can edit videos recorded on your phone or another mobile device
  • The decisions on what remains static and what gets to move are entirely up to you
  • The ability to create is in your hands
  • Once done, you can easily share your project online or save it to your computer
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