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Create custom ringtones with this free program

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your smartphone? You appreciate how it helps manage and organize many facets of your life, yet, a few features, like subpar ringtones, cause you to cringe. It’s somewhat perplexing how developers design apps that can tackle a world of tasks but continue to fail at crafting slick audio files.

With names like Circuit, Presto and Radar, is it any wonder why many people find stock ringtones to be mediocre at best? Fortunately, there are simple programs for converting audio files to ringtones you will enjoy hearing.

You will find no scarcity in ringtone making apps, many of which can be complicated to use, are limited in file formats, or produce poor quality sound bites. However, you won’t have to worry about these issues when using the helpful desktop tool we’ve found. Curious about how to use this tool to create cool ringtones? Here’s the scoop.

How to use AVCWare Ringtone Maker

AVCWare Ringtone Maker is a free desktop tool that converts many audio and video files to WAV, AMR, MP3, M4R, M4A, and ringtone formats fully supported by most Android and iPhone models. Key features include drag and drop, fade-in or fade-out options, the ability to rename the ringtone and adjust the sound bite length, even after clipped.

Creating ringtones using AVCWare Ringtone Maker is quick and uncomplicated. After you download, install, and launch the program, select an audio or video file you would like to convert.

Enter the file either by browsing your computer files or dragging and dropping it into the button in the lower right corner. Choose the format you want to create. You don’t need to worry about other settings, as AVCWare Ringtone Maker will automatically adjust them to help ensure your ringtone is of high-quality.

Click the Play button to hear the music prior to creating your ringtone. Determine where in the composition you would like to create your ringtone clip.

Drag and drop the slider bar to your desired starting clip location. Repeat for where you want the sound clip to end.

To listen to your clipped area, tap on the Play clip button. Here you can edit or change your sound bite by moving the slider bar to your new locations. Also, try the fade-in or fade-out options, which will provide smooth transitions during playback.

Although AVCWare Ringtone Maker provides defaults for output file name and folder, you have the option to rename the file and its destination folder.

To convert, click on the button in the lower righthand corner. You will quickly notice a progress bar indicating when your file is complete.

That’s it; you created a ringtone. Now, find your file, install it on your iPhone or Android, and you’ll never have to hear stock ringtones again. At least on your phone.

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