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Tech how-to: Convert any photo to 3D with one click

Day in and day out, people share their lives through the photos they take and post on social media. From weddings in exotic locations to an impromptu trip to the coffee shop, it’s all covered.

That’s why it’s not out of the ordinary to have hundreds, if not thousands of photos saved to our phones, computers and tablets — and backed up in cloud services. Need help sorting through them? Tap or click here to organize your messy photo collection in 3 simple steps.

But now there’s a new way to spruce up your best photos. With a little help from artificial intelligence, you can turn any boring 2D photo into a 3D image. Ready to step into the future?

Introducing LucidPix

When you’re ready to wow your friends and family with photos that definitely don’t look like the others, turn to LucidPix. The app was one of the many impressive AI programs teased at CES 2020. Tap or click here to see the CES 2020 hits and misses.

LucidPix, currently in beta testing, allows you to convert simple 2D images to immersive 3D photos on Androids and iPhones with a simple tap of a button.

You don’t even have to worry about editing. The app’s AI sensors edit your pictures to reveal their best qualities. It scans and identifies objects in the image, then generates a depth map to give a 3D effect.

Want to make your picture pop a little more? Add a fun 3D frame.

Once you’re done personalizing your pictures, save them to your phone or use the built-in sharing option to post on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. You can even convert it to a GIF.

Check out this teaser to see how LucidPix works and what to expect:

I want to try this! Where can I download LucidPix?

We’re all ready to get the app, but it hasn’t been released yet. The reviews you see so far are from the more than 250,000 beta testers working to find every glitch and bug in the system.

If you want to try it out, join the waitlist. LucidPix is expected to launch in the second quarter of the year.

What else do I need to know?

There are free and paid versions of the app, and the latter is packed with features. Here’s what to expect from each:

LucidPix Free:

  • Unlimited standard 3D frames
  • Community and social sharing

Those cool 3D frames will cost you 99 cents each, as will removing the LucidPix watermark.

LucidPix Super gets everything in Lucid Pix Free, plus:

  • Unlimited premium 3D frames
  • Unlimited 2D to 3D conversions
  • Unlimited 3D photo capture
  • No watermark

The paid version will run you $5.99/month or $51.99/year. Our advice? Go with the free service unless you really want access to the premium features at any point, then only subscribe as needed month-to-month.

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